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Effective Public Relations equals a public that relates to you.

Who is your public? For the vast majority of companies, the public is comprised of an educationally diverse, financially varied, geographically dispersed collection of individuals. The public crosses business borders and international date lines. It is a mesh of wealth and experience, voyeurs and partakers, young and old. Your public is everyone.


While press releases and media pitches are a critical part of the corporate PR plan, coverage is a means to end and not the end itself.

There is a gap to be bridged between those that read publications and those that use the products. Sometimes they are one and the same, but often times they are not. Reaching the masses means developing a common-language that educates and informs. From online blogs to high gloss monthlies, company influencers and decision-makers come in many forms throughout the corporate strata.

Striking a balance is critical to long-term success. Companies are inexplicably moving from educating their public to educating the analysts; from participating in consumer reviews to becoming a magazine reviewer’s recommended buy. It is important that your message gets exposure. It is more important that your message is understood.


The basis for communication is language. The key to effectively relating to your public is through the written and spoken word. My approach to corporate writing centers on what I believe is the heart of a successful business practice: Language.

From internal corporate policy development to crafting a successful speaker program, my goal is to provide an effective means of communication, creating a synergy with existing PR and corporate marketing professionals and their intended audience. I build success for my clients through a common-language approach to reaching the public. I create relationships based upon trust, respect and integrity. By simplifying the complex and making technically challenging information more approachable, the message becomes accessible to a much broader audience.

About Superheated

Superheated is the online home of Melisa Bleasdale, a corporate writer, journalist and publicist specializing in high-level speaker management, creation of web and print content, and the development of internal communications for technology and security innovators. My clients include companies that focus on the enterprise, security and technology markets, as well as businesses simply looking to augment their communications process.

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